Creating a Sacred Space

When you were a child, did you have a particular room that made you feel safe? Perhaps even as an adult, you tend to gravitate to a certain place to reflect or decompress.

It is healthy and important to have a safe haven where we can go to recharge and turn our attention inward.

Just as the layout of our home and use of rooms is considered for function, through intentional design, we can also bring forth increased feelings of peace and calm.

If you’ve ever done a mass de-cluttering, used Feng-Shui to improve energy flow, or used smudging to cleanse your surroundings, you’ve probably experienced how these practices can create a positive shift in your environment, and you likely noticed a change for the better in yourself as well.

Similarly, we can learn to associate a space with feelings of well-being. It just takes a little intention, creativity, and practice.

A sacred space can be a whole room or a portion of a room. It can be as simple as a comfy cushion in an open space, or as elaborate as an alter you’ve created. The only necessities are that any items in this space bring you peace and joy and that you can be alone here for at least a few minutes each day. Whether you use your time to meditate, practice Yoga, write in your gratitude journal, state affirmations, or just sit in stillness, is up to you.

I realize the size of our homes can be limited, and we’re often sharing with others, or may not feel we can dedicate an extra space to a place for reflection, but we all deserve a sacred space, even if it is a corner of a room or a shelf on a wall.

The importance is in the intention, which associates the space with positive feelings. It is a healthy trigger effect, reminding us of the good, and to just be.

In essence, for a sacred space to uplift our life, it must make a sacred impression on us. The gratitude we realize in having a safe haven can bring about feelings of reverence, and the daily pause can become positively ceremonious for us.

Tips on creating your sacred space:

  • Find the quietest area of your home if possible

  • Make it beautiful- take time to create the space with love and intention

  • Have a sign on the door indicating you are in “quiet time” or if you don’t have the luxury of a full room, let others know not to disturb you

  • Practice until it is a habit. We are what we do daily. Set a time of day or night that works best for you, and commit to a minimum of ten minutes. You might be surprised to see that the days you feel more resistant to taking the time out, that you experience the most rewards.

Some items to consider having in your sacred space:

  • Meditation cushion

  • Yoga mat

  • Candles

  • Incense

  • Essential oils

  • Flowers

  • Small statues

  • Crystals, rocks or gems

  • Oracle or tarot cards

  • Mala beads

  • Chimes

  • Photos or pictures

  • A vision board

  • Written affirmations

Be creative and find your own beautiful unique ways of creating your very own sacred space.

Stay tuned for more on holistic health and wellness.

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